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Philippa created the Pink Line Project to inspire creative thinking in everyone, to build community and connectivity, and to open portals to  art and culture for the culturally curious. Her vision for DC: to change the way people view DC, both residents and visitors. DC is more than just institutions and politics; it’s filled with amazing people doing amazingly creative things using art, technology, and good-old fashioned ingenuity. Philippa published a weekly subscriber-based email that highlights the best of DC’s creative scene. It’s about cool people doing cool things.

Philippa writes about arts and culture in DC and speaks about the power of art and personal choice to transform your life. She established a reputation for creating inventive and collaborative environments in which people who would not normally have the opportunity to interact with each other gather to experience art and culture in alternative and stimulating ways. She has been a leader in the creative and temporary use of vacant, urban space throughout the city.

Want to connect with Philippa? Email her at philippa@pinklineproject.com.

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To catalyze the culturally curious to participate, innovate, engage, and conspire with passion, awesomeness, inspiration, generosity, and ingenuity.


Inspiration. Surround yourself with extraordinary and creative people.

Passion. Suck the marrow out of life and wake up every morning screaming
at the top of your lungs.
Generosity. Give unconditionally and without any expectation of return.

Curiosity. Combat intellectual stagnation with curiosity about everything and
exploring everywhere.
Courage. Act according to what is true and authentic for yourself rather
than what anyone expects of you.

Press Highlights:

“Champion of under-the-radar artists.”
-Town & Country

“Lately, it seems impossible to have a conversation about the
DC’s art scene that doesn’t eventually lead to art collector and
culture promoter, Philippa Hughes, the founder of DC’s
cultural online hub, The Pink Line Project.”
-Apartment Therapy

“An arch-organizer of all things arty, providing an entry point for
novices eager to appreciate and collect art.
-Washington Post

“Art guru Philippa Hughes had the chance to be an arm’s-length philanthropist,
but chose to get down and dirty with the scene instead. Now, the patron saint
of local artists is hailed as DC’s go-to gal for making things happen and pulling
off the boldest expos in the city.”
-DC Magazine

Community Activity: